Workbook for Basic Phonics: Words & Reading for Pre-K–1 to Complement Other Educational Programs

Recent research confirms that the first five years are particularly important for the development of the child’s brain, and the first three years are the most critical in shaping the child’s brain architecture. With this in mind, Melvine Groves allows parents to have a handy guide in teaching their young ones or getting them ready to enter the exciting world of reading.

Groves strongly points out the role of phonetic phonics, those phonetic symbols and sounds as roads that pave the way to reading. She believes that the road to the reading journey is best started with the strong foundations of being familiar with the basics of sounds and symbols.

Children’s Living Poems

Many things inspired me to write Melvine’s Living Poems. They are a collection of my experiences, joyful reminders, and thoughtful concerns.
As a parent and retired educator, I have experienced many feelings that have been shared and explained between parents, children, and teachers. As a mother and caregiver of two, I continued to find feelings very much related to our unique encounters and discoveries.

In raising my children and understanding their potential along with some inner suppressed abilities, I have noticed that they often require some extra encouragement to develop from better, to good, to excellent.
I have realized how significant support can be in developing creativity and leading one in the direction of inner discovery and growth.
I was motivated to encourage others in my life after returning to college at an older age and receiving two education degrees and teaching for 25 years. This journey has led to realizing my gift of creativity with the hopes of bringing confidence to others to recognize their creative gifts within and to help them flourish and share.